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Recommended Reading

Posted on 09 September 2010 (3)

Here are a dozen fiction and non-fiction books that my husband Jon and I read this summer and want to share. We read most of them during two Reading Weekends, when we go away to simply read. Here’s what we read in a sweet little B & B called Acorn’s Hope Great Barrington (MA).   […]

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Howard Zinn – A Tribute

Posted on 07 February 2010 (68)

Howard Zinn − historian, activist, and a member of the National Writers Union and the Boston Chapter for almost 20 years  died on January 27, 2010. But his life and writing will inspire grassroots activists for many future generations.

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Clearing Out Her Stuff

Posted on 18 January 2010 (3)

Sarah Solomont feels stuck. She blames her house — it drives her crazy. “There’s too much stuff,” she says. “I can’t breathe.”

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Christmas Lists – or Not

Posted on 05 December 2009 (1)

“Here’s my list,” my husband says, thrusting a computer printout at me. “Where’s yours?” “No lists,” I say firmly.

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Invasion of the Textbook Department

Posted on 25 November 2009 (5)

I slip into the aisles of the textbook department, shoulders hunched. I’m feel like an interloper, intent as I am on raiding the inventory meant for college undergrads. Clearly, I’m no undergraduate: that was decades ago. Yet I am drawn to this place. At least twice a year I wander its aisles, looking for what […]

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Adventures in Core-Periphery Relations

Posted on 02 October 2009 (2)

My son is in love and engaged to be married. Trouble is, he wants the two families to fall in love as well.

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