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My new booklet of racism-related essays

Posted on 23 October 2012 by Barbara Beckwith (73)

My 2nd booklet of personal essays, Was I Thinking? Digging Deeper into Everyday Racism is just out and available from my distributor. The racial justice publisher Crandall, Dostie and Douglass Books sells it for $8.95 at Same price for my first booklet, What Was I Thinking? Reflecting on Everyday Racism (2010).
Here’s the Table of Contents fr my 2nd booklet:

Word Wealth: Messages From My Vocabulary Book: I looked back at my junior high school vocabulary book, Word Wealth, to see what words I learned back then, and what else I may have absorbed, unintentionally.
What IS This about Bloodlines? I had looked down on people who pursue their family trees and DNA test results – until I discovered what I was missing.
Reading My Mother: Eugenics, Race and Foster Care: After reading my mother’s 1920s college paper and 1930s orphanage report, I thought they showed her to be a bigot. When I read more closely, I saw something quite different.
My Circuitous Path toward Cultural Respect: I assumed that to be “culturally competent,” I’d need to learn everything about ‘other’ cultures. But I’ve found a simpler route: cultural humility.
Keeping My Integrity AND an Open Mind: As I learn to listen intensely to others’ experiences, how do I stay honest to my own, although possibly flawed, understanding of reality?
Seeing Institutional Racism: Where IS It? I seek to uncover hidden racism in health care, transportation, and sports, but seeing clearly is not always so easy.
Giving Jargon Its Due: I rebelled against the unfamiliar words used by my fellow racial justice activists, especially academics, until I realized that to change people’s thinking, we may need to create such new words.
Books that Matter to Me: I recommend these 18 books published between 2010 and 2012, written by white authors and by authors of color, in genres ranging from non-fiction and memoir, to novels, poetry, and personal testimony.

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